What To Buy If You Have $500 To Spend on FPV

What is the best FPV experience that you can get for $500? This price point is interesting bacause you can get a solid park flier that will be right at home at your flight field. The equipment that you can get at this price point is not the best, but many pilots fly these setups for months before upgrading.

What I also like about the setup below is that the package comes with everything that you need including props, a battery and a charger. This is so important since one of the most frustrating things in this hobby is being grounded because you didn't know to buy that one last piece of this puzzle.

I included a solid set of FPV goggles at this price point; these are goggles that you could use even as you grow in the hobby and are in the same ones I recommend for the $1,000 FPV budget. If you find yourself growing in the hobby you will keep these goggles as your primary pair or you can use them as a ground station to show interested spectators what you are seeing.


Wizard x220 RTF $189

The wizard is a “Ready to Fly” model and the packages comes with literally everything you need to fly. This includes props, a battery and a charger. It even comes with a radio that is already hooked up to the drone. And they include little things like a wrench that you can use to screw your props on.

Not having little things like a charger and a wrench can keep you unexpectedly grounded when you are getting into the hobby. So it's nice that all of this is included. Some people will say that the components are not the best and that the frame is cloned, but whatever they are player haters!

This drone will feel like a monster to any first time FPV pilot and many pilots stick to this drone for the first year of flying. You do take your chances a little bit in terms of quality, but I have to say that the one I had flew great before I lost it (still not over that one…)

Click here to get your Wizard drone.


FPV Goggles $194

These are the best goggles that you can get at a budget price. I've used these box goggles for about a year and have been pretty happy and even now I use them when setting up my drones because the screen is detachable. The screen is clear and bright and it includes lens to focus your eyes (I've learned the hard way that not all goggles will include this which makes it difficult for nearsighted pilots).

I like that this set comes with everything that you need: receiver, antennas and a battery. Normally you would need to buy all that stuff seperately. The only baffling omission from this package is that there is no battery charger. But, they are only around $5 and I include a link to that below.

Click here to get your FPV Goggles.
Click here to get your Fatshark battery charger.

Anything Else?

Since the Wizard package comes with everything that you need to start, we actually end up coming in below our $500 budget. This is because the price of the wizard has come down and we are linking you to the offshore website Bangood. If you decided to buy from another vendor like Amazon then the price of the drone might go up a little and get you closer to the $500 price point. I would just pocket that $100 and save it to get more props and batteries in the future.