What To Buy If You Have $250 To Spend on FPV

These two drones are a major step up from the $100 toy drone recommendation that I make. These are drones that are both good enough to be used in the popular “Tiny Whoop” races that have been popping up all over the place.

Both of these drones come with everything that you need to fly including batteries and chargers. This is huge - often hobby grade kits will expect you to already have this stuff and it's not always obvious what you need to buy.

The Acrobee in particular is something that I can't recommend enough - I fly that myself for Whoop races and when the weather would otherwise keep me grounded. The Acrobee kit goggles and radio is good enough to use with bigger drones and the software is the same that runs on regular size models. The Blade Inductrix is also a solid model, but the FPV screen comes attached to the controller instead of the goggles which leads is a less immersive experience.


AcroBee Starter Kit (RTF) - $250

This is the micro FPV drone I fly and it's by far one of my favorite drones. I take it to Tiny Whoop races and generally have a blast. This kit comes with everything you need to fly and the components are an upgrade from the Eachine and Redpawz above.

This drone crosses into hobby grade territory and the $250 price tag reflects that. While the radio in the cheaper FPV drones will only work with the drone that you buy with it, the radio with this Acrobee will work with any FPV drone that supports FrSky. FrSky is a standard in the FPV racing drone world. This drone also uses the popular BetaFlight software and you will be able to take what you learn with your Acrobee and apply it to a five inch park racer drone.

What is interesting about this product is that it will grow with you. This micro runs on the same open source software as the big 5 inch racers and you can tune and customize it in the same way. You get an OSD in your goggles that shows you things like battery level and channels.

The only downfall with this drone is that they just can't keep it in stock. Lot's of pros fly this hardware and NewBeeDrone is a fairly small shop. Still, this is my absolute #1 recommendation for getting into FPV.

Click here to buy your Acrobee micro FPV drone.


Blade Inductrix FPV Plus RTF $230-$290

This model is comparable to the Acrobee above and comes in at the same price point. Blade Inductrix is a solid indoor FPV drone which comes packed with features. One of the best is “Meow Mode” which you use to flip the drone back up after a crash (you will appreciate this feature after the first few flights).

What is great about this model is how durable it is, the Inductrix is a truly solid drone. It's a little bit bigger than the other toy drones.

This is the model that I've bought for family members who want to fly and it's what I used myself to learn FPV. The only thing about this package is that the FPV experience is provided by a screen on the controller and not goggles. While this will be fine for most people, VR goggles do provide a more immersive experience that is easier to focus with. Of course, you can always pick on a pair of goggle in addition to the drone (the eachine goggles would work with this model.)

Click here to get your Blade Inductrix.
Click here to buy Eachine FPV goggles (optional).