What To Buy If You Have $100 To Spend on FPV

It doesn't make a ton of sense to spend $1,000+ on an FPV drone setup if you don't think that you are going to stick to the hobby. But, you can still get a little indoor toy drone that will give you a taste of the experience of FPV for about $100.

I found these two options that you can try - the first is actually less than $100 while the second is a tad bit more expensive. What I like about these two toy drones is that each comes with everything that you need to use the product. They are literally plug and play. You will pilot the drone around your house and see what the drone sees through a headset. It's the essence of the FPV drone experience.

What you will not get with this option is a drone that will really fly outside nor will you be able to re-purpose these components down the line in a hobby grade drone. But, you will still have a good time with these and you may end up wanting to explore the hobby further.


Redpawz - $65

The Redpawz is really an amazing value considering what you get. It's literally everything you need to fly FPV. Normally I would expect to spend about $250 on a package like this, but I've found this drone for as little as $65.

That being said, I see this more as a get your feet wet kind of model and wouldn't expect you to bring this to the next Whoop race. This is the kind of thing you can buy and even if you end up upgrading to something bigger later (or just decide FPV is not for you) then at $65 you won't feel like you wasted too much money early on.

Click here to buy Redpawz.


Eachine E010C Micro FPV Racing Drone - ~$120

This is the less silly version of the drone above. Like the Redpawz you get the absolute most basic components. The radio will feel like a toy and the googles will have a small image, but both will be servicable and for first time FPV pilots both drones will probably seem amazing.

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