What is FPV?

FPV or First Person View is a system where you an use VR goggles to see from the persective of an RC vehicle like a drone, plane or truck. Drones equiped with FPV have special low latency cameras attached to them that transmit a video signel to the drone pilots VR goggles. The pilot controls the RC vehicle with a handheld radio set.

FPV drones are used for hobbyists to have the experience of flying. When you are doing FPV, you literally feel like you are the drone itself. Usually people are flying FPV drones to race, to do acrobatic tricks (called freestyle) or to just have a good time at the local park. FPV is not just limited to drones - you can make any remote control vehicle into a FPV platform by sticking a camera. You'll see plenty of FPV planes, trucks and even boats.

FPV is also a subculture and a community and it's probably in your town right now. People get together to fly FPV, help each other out and sometimes to egg each other on. Freestyle pilots will record their sick moves with GoPros and try to outdo each other. Race pilots will compete to get the best time. Everyone wants bragging rights, but at the end of the day it's all about fun and bringing people together.

One of these groups is Rotor Riot and they do a fantastic job of capturing the spirit of FPV. Check out of video of Rotor Riot's FPV exploits to get an idea of what FPV is all about:

BTW most of that action video was shot by FPV drones equiped with GoPros. What I talk about FPV drones on this blog, that is what I'm getting at.

How Can You FPV?

This blog is all about getting you into the air and into FPV. All of us who do this love the FPV hobby and we want to grow it. On this site, I've put together some guides and shopping lists for you so you can buy the right stuff first.

There are two ways to go about getting into FPV: just try a low cost toy grade FPV experience or you can get a pro FPV setup that will help you fly like the pilots in the video above .