Sweet Park Flight Today!

It's been so long since I was about to get a flight in, but today the sky was blue and the sun was in just the right spot for some nice scenes. I like the blue of the lake and the sky in this clip.

How Much to Budget for Your FPV Drone?

How much are you planning on spending to get your FPV drone up and running? In this vlog, I talk about various budget price points and try to hone in on the sweet spot. Basically, how to spend just the right setup to get you in the air and save you from rebuying a lot of stuff in a few months.

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How to Clean a Drone

Flying in the winter means flying in the snow and mud. Watch what Hyperbolic does to a dirty drone!

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What is FPV?

FPV or First Person View is a system where you an use VR goggles to see from the persective of an RC vehicle like a drone, plane or truck. Drones equiped with FPV have special low latency cameras attached to them that transmit a video signel to the drone pilots VR goggles. The pilot controls the RC vehicle with a handheld radio set.

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